Bosch 0580464200 Fuel Pump (044 replacement)



This genuine Bosch Motorsport fuel pump FP 200, previously known as Bosch 044 fuel pump, is an inline roller cell pump for the installation outside or inside the fuel tank.
It is typically capable of providing 260 l/h at 7 bar. The FP 200 is one of the most popular aftermarket fuel pumps for the motorsport and racing market.

Biofuel can be delivered up to E85, however the life of the pump will be reduced.

260 L / H at 7 bar
Max working pressure 8bar
Inlet: M14x1.5, M18x1.5 with supplied adapter.
Outlet: M10x1 without non-return valve, M12x1.5 with supplied check valve.
Consumption 17A at 5bar @ 13V
Built-in pre-filter of 130 microns (non-replaceable)
Power connection: M5 (-), M4 (+)
Diameter: 52mm / 60mm if you use the included adapter so it fits directly in mounts for 60mm such as. Bosch -044 uses.
Fuel: Petrol, Ethanol and Diesel.

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