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BMW Tuning

At Protuner we specialise in the tuning and calibration of engine management systems with a strong emphasis on drivability, reliability, power and efficiency.

Having worked within the drifting, racing and high performance industries for many years, we have spent hours Dyno, Road and Track testing a wide range of vehicles.

In recent years we have turned our attention to creating and testing our very own high-quality performance parts for the vehicles we have spent years tuning, in particular for the BMW N54 and N55 engines. Including our Protuner E Series Stage 2 N54 & N55 Low Pressure Fuel Pump Conversion and our Protuner Stage 3 Twin Low Pressure Fuel Pump Conversion with Control Harness. Both designed in house here at Protuner to avoid fuel surge, making them perfect for both drift and/or track applications. 

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