About Us

About Us

Protuner is a performance engine tuning business centrally located in the West Midlands. At Protuner we specialise in ECU re-mapping, engine building and performance parts.  

With over 10 years engine tuning experience and our state of the art Dyno Dynamics Rolling Road facility, we can optimise your engines power and efficiency.

At Protuner the tuning and calibration of engine management systems is carried out with a strong emphasis on drivability, reliability, power and efficiency. We tune a very diverse range of vehicles ranging from standard road cars that will benefit from a basic re-flash to improve performance and economy, to fully built Race, Rally and Drift cars needing to gain the competitive edge. 

We have tuned and supported many championship winning cars over the years check out our Blog postsInstagram and YouTube to see pictures and videos of both our customers and our very own Protuner vehicles.    

We have worked within the drifting, racing and high performance industries for many years and have spent hours Dyno, Road and Track testing a wide range of vehicles.

We only sell the best and most reliable parts from quality manufacturers such as Garrett, Haltech, Link and Warlbro. We also build our own quality parts in house. Check out our shop to view the full range of parts available. 

About the Team

Greg Gush the driving force behind Protuner graduated from Swansea Institute of Higher Education with a HND in Motorsport Engineering before going on to gain:

  • 11 Years and counting of Dyno Tuning and Engine Mapping experience
  • 17 Years of Motorsport/Drifting and Motor Industry experience including international GT and LeMans racing

Simon Bagladi is Protuners head mechanic and resident engine builder. Simon has over seven years of engine building, fabrication and general automotive mechanics.