Protuner Engine Tuning Services

Protuner is a performance engine tuning specialist centrally located in the West Midlands.

At Protuner we specialise in engine tuning and re-mapping for both road and track applications. Our state of the art Dyno Dynamics Rolling Road Dyno facility, enables us to optimise your engines power and efficiency.

We have worked within the drifting, racing and high performance industries for many years and have spent thousands of hours Dyno, Road and Track testing. We have experience in tuning a range of vehicles from manufacturers such as; BMW, Mazda, Nissan and Toyota. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Protuner also stocks the highest quality and reliable performance parts from quality manufacturers such as Garrett, Haltech, Link and Warlbro. In addition to building our own quality parts in house. Click here to view the full range of parts available.