SR20DET to 350Z Gearbox Adapter

This is the Protuner Nissan SR20DET to 350Z Gearbox adapter kit it is the best Gearbox solution for high power SR20 engines.

SR20DET to 350Z Gearbox Adapter Plate

Our plate makes the strong and refined 6 speed 350Z gearbox bolt up to the SR20 engine.

The 350Z gearbox is superior to the SR20 RB25 and 300zx in both strength and shift quality even at high rpm.

It has far bigger and stronger gears and has been used in various applications at over 1000BHP.

Being a 6 speed gearbox it gives you better ratios for the road, racing and drifting.

What separates our adapter plate from the others on the market?

Our Adapter plate is made from zinc plated steel not aluminium like some of the other plates on the market, this makes it allot stronger and increases the strength of the threads which hold the bolts which attach the gearbox to the engine. We just didnt think that aluminium was strong enough for this.

Our plate has studs for the starter motor pre-fitted in the plate this means unlike the other plates on the market you can remove and refit the starter motor without removing the gearbox, this is something that is not possible with the other aluminium plates currently on the market.

Our plate has dowels.

The other plates on the market have no dowels between the gearbox and adapter plate meaning that they can be fitted off centre to the engine. This can cause damage to the engine bearings, crankshaft, crankshaft spigot bearing, gearbox and clutch.

Our plate has dowels which align the plate to the engine and then the engine to the gearbox to ensure a perfect centre alignment.

What is required to fit the 350Z gearbox into a Nissan S13, S14 and S15?

You need:

  • the Protuner SR20 to 350Z Gearbox adapter Plate
  • A new gearbox mount (we can supply)
  • A modified 350Z gear shifter or custom Protuner shifter
  • A modified propshaft

For the Nissan S13 and S14 there are two ways in which you can fit the adaptor kit.

  1. You can use your existing S13 or S14 SR20DET clutch and flywheel and machine 12mm from the front of the 350Z Gearbox bell housing (we can provide the machining service if you send in your gearbox).
  2. You can use a Nissan S15 clutch and flywheel which then bolts straight on with no modifications to the 350Z gearbox bell housing.

For a Nissan S15 as in example 2 above the gearbox will bolt straight up using the S15 clutch and flywheel with no modifications to the gearbox bell housing.