Our newest unleaded fuel for motocross and Supercross, engineered to generate maximum horsepower in 4-stroke applications in conformance with AMA Pro Racing rules. Makes more power than any other AMA-legal fuel on the market, delivering up to 2% more power than VPˆs own MR-Pro5. Requires minimal jetting/mapping changes and will not require radical changes in ignition timing like other fuels on the market.

Oxygenated Oxygenated
Specific Gravity 0.725
Fuel Type Unleaded
Size 15 Gallon Drum, 30 Gallon Drum, 5 Gallon Pail, 54 Gallon Drum
R+M/2 (Octane) 95
MON 86
RON 104
RVP 10.87
Standard SDS - UN1203
Standard Description Applicable to product classified as UN1203. See product label for UN classification. For MSDS, contact your nearest VP Regional Distribution Center listed HERE

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